pdf Slobodan Divjak_Response to Plamen Makariev's Comments in Balkan Journal of Philosophy

pdf Slobodan Divjak - Cultural-Ethnic and Political Identity (pdf)

pdf Slobodan Divjak - Multicultural relativism (pdf)

pdf Slobodan Divjak - Thinking against the current (pdf)
Preface to the book Human Rights and Empire by Costas Douzinas. Službeni glasnik and Albatrosplus from Belgrade published this book in Serbian 2009. Translated by Slobodan Divjak.

pdf Slobodan Divjak - Nation and tradition (pdf), translated by Alison and Vladimir Kapor, Zlatna greda vol. 5, no. 43, 2005, str. 59-60
*This text is a part of the book Problem identiteta (About Identity) by Slobodan Divjak. It is published in serbian journal Zlatna greda,  vol. 5, no. 43, 2005, str. 59-60, 2005.

pdfSlobodan Divjak koautor_A neo-liberal performance-annihilation of Serbian sovereignty and integrity

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